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The range of services I offer with field I (Analysis - Planning - Advice) is acting within the accepted social and economic rules. The processes and structures of entrepreneurs have of course to be optimizes within these rules. But an individual optimization does not necesserely mean that it improves the common goods. Not everything that is good for a company must be good for the society to solve the social problems.

The precondition for responsible social activities is the knowledge or the will of gaining the knowledge of these relations. The starting point for this are the studies of economic change. They are based on an unspecific discomfort about the social and economic structures and are grown to a professional effort. As an example for a science they are furthermore a part of the overwhelming 'Seven-Level World View'.

Therfore field II (Economic Analysis) is attracted to social and economic engaged persons as well as organisations and institutions. The offer of RALF EINERT CONSULT consists of the knowledge of both parts of the artwork 'The World Spirit'. These are 'A Seven-Level World View' and 'Studies of Economic Change'.

The range of services I offer contains social and economic studies and scenarios (ANALYSIS), the option for a public discussion about alternative economic and philosophical concepts by lectures, seminars, keynote speaches, and video installtions (ACTIONS), and an advertising platform for artists and a sales platform the my artwork. (WEBSITE).

I hope that I've aroused your interest.

Then you are invited to inform yourself about my range of services and my professional competence.

Yours sincerely Ralf Einert