Ralf Einert Consult     Social Analysis & World Views


Social analysis as guideline of thinking and acting
World views for the alternative understanding of the world


Topics and content

[Social analysis - consequences - world views

Transfer of the methods of the system analysis

[Steps of analyses - applications - options

Quantitative calculations with examples

[Calculations - scenarios - sensitivity analysis]

Social and economic
studies and scenarios


Courses and idea generator as lateral thinker

[Lectures - keynote speaches - publishing]

Exhibitions and exhibitions

[Exhibitions - video installations - placard]

Idea: Website as advertising platform

[creative artists - advertising - purchase]

Enabling a discourse about
alternative social concepts


Interdisciplinary topics

[Economic analysis - world views - social consequences]

Multi dimensional presentations

[one dimensional - two dimensional - three dimensional]

Website der-weltgeist.de as internet platform

[End in itself - creative artists - purchase]

Multimedia presentations
of scientific knowledge