Ralf Einert Consult     Social Analysis & World Views



World View: A seven-level world view to enterprete the verse: For all to spring from nothin a oneness suffices (Leibniz)
The binary code * a scientific study * an economic system as an example of a science * the system of science to gain knowledge * the history course as circle of birth, sin, knowledge, death, and rebirth * the world spirit * the universe (from the macro to the micro perspective) * the circle of all levels
Economic Studies: Economic analysis to derivate a system of goals and the necessity of a basic income
Assumptions * demographic development * scenarios of the unemployment rate * worst case of the social development * wage spiral * labour demand * labour market without equibrilium * social inequality * system of goals with conflicts of goals * economic measures * calculation of a basic income * evaluation
Material: Own creation of multimedia presentations
2 ebooks with 311 pages and 264 illustrations * 10 art prints in the formats A3 bis B0 * 1 animation as infinite loop 'The Voyage through the Universe' * 11 audio books with a length of 65 minutes * diverse Power Point presentations * 1 placrad as expanded plastic lab with 5 levels of complexity and 240 file cards * 2 2ebsites with 522 pages * 1 CD Rom
Exhibitions: broadening the horizon and new experiences by organising and performing of lectures and exhibitions
Presentation of a seven-level world view with art prints & video animiations and an economic system on a placard with 240 file cards in the Galerie Zeitzone (2012) * exhibition in the k-salon (2009) * lecture in the LaLuz (2006) * renting a billboard for an outdoor art performance at the Potsdamer Platz (2003)
Further Education: Adoption and consolidation of additional competences by creating the projects in the sense of 'cultural work'
Increasing competences according to the methods of the system analysis * ability to judge about complex systems * social responsibility * creation of websites by using HTML and CSS * search engine optimisation * Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth * Microsoft: Publisher
Synergy Effects: To the relation of social analysis and company analyses by the controlling
Controlling contains the execution of the social and economic rules * social analysis contains the critical evaluation of the rules * if corporate actions are against the common welfare it is caused by the rules or by criminal acts * it is not the task of the controlling to waive to execute the rules