Ralf Einert Consult     Social Analysis & World Views



Enabling a discourse about alternative social concepts

  • Courses and idea generator as lateral thinker
    • Lectures about the 'Studies of Economic Change' and the 'Seven-Level World View'
    • Keynote speaches for example about habits, the world economy, corporate ethics, elites, ...
    • Publishing of "Topics of the Month" on the website
  • Exhibitions and exhibitions
    • Exhibition of art prints about the 'Seven-Level World View'
    • Video installations about the 'The Voyage through the Universe'
    • Placard to demonstrate the derivation of a thesis with five degrees of complexity and 240 card files
  • [Idea: Website as advertising platform]
    • [Option for creative artists to use skyscrapers and banners for presentations]
    • [Option for the integration of advertising of online marketers]
    • [Platform to purchase the CD-ROM 'THE WORLD SPIRIT' - suspended because of lack of actuality]