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2018 Digitalization of all pictures
2015 Further improvements of the website and of the access of the world view
2012 Exhibition in the Galerie Zeitzone in Berlin, Germany
2012 Creation of a placard with 5 complexity levels and 240 file cards
2011 Guest in the tv serie 'Rainers Magazin' on the tv station 'ALEX - Offener Kanal Berlin'
2010 Creation of 2 ebooks and 11 audio files
2009 Update of the economic studies, improvement and translation of the website www.der-weltgeist.de
2009 Exhibition in the k-salon in Berlin, Germany
2009 - 2013 Opening of an office as an idea workshop
2008 Animation of the short film: 'The Voyage through the Universe'
2006 Lecture in the LaLuz in the Osramhöfen in Berlin, Germany
2003 Outdoor artperformance at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany
2003 Creation of the website www.der-weltgeist.de
1997 - 2002 Artistic realization of a philosophical idea
1994 - 1997 Studies about economic topics: GDP, labour productivity, unemployment, demography, labour market, and inequality
1990 Studies about the possibility of the reduction of working hours
1974 Indefinite misbehaviour about the social and economic structures