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The topics of "THE WORLD SPIRIT" burned on CD-ROMs consists of following parts:

CD-ROM: "THE WORLD SPIRIT" consisting of a Seven-Level World View
and Studies of Economic Change

Content: Combining 1 ebook "A Seven-Level World View", 11 pictures about the world view, 1 animation about the voyage through the universe, 1 Website www.der-weltgeist.de, 1 ebook "The Limits of Growth thought to the End", 1 placard to demonstrate the derivation of simple statements, 11 audio books about economic analysis, 1 Power-Point-Presentation

Format: Diverse, 252 MB capacity

Part I "A Seven-Level World View" consists of:

ebook: "A Seven-Level World View. Free interpretation of Leibniz' sentence
'For all to spring from nothing a oneness ('THE WORLD SPIRIT' Part 1)"

Content: The Seven-Level World View opens new horizons. It helps to recognize how the "One" can explain everything or how the logical structure of the universe can be thought. The author provides a new imagination of the world. The ebook offers detailed descriptions including images and models with several links.

Format: PDF-file, 102 pages and 91 images

Pictures: Binary code, study, science, system of science,
history course, world spirit, universe, and world view

Content: The Seven-Level World View is the artificial realization of a philosophical idea at the borderline between science and art as well as theory and practice. With the help of the pictures you can gain an imagination how the universe can be deduced to One and Nothing (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz) and vice versa.

Format: JPG-files, 8 pictures with 4200 x 2969 pixel

Animation: A Seven-Level World View. The Voyage throuh the Universe
(Infinite loop as raw version)

Content: The seven levels form a circle structure so that an endless voyage trough the universe arises. The video animation as infinite loop illustrates how all the levels of the world view are included by the following level. One and Nothing leads to the fundament of the universe which can consequently be thought as binary code.

Format: AVI-file lasting 8 minutes

Website: "THE WORLD SPIRIT" consisting of a Seven-Level World View
and Studies of Economi Change

Content: As an alternative presentation you will find an offline version of the website THE WORLD SPIRIT which is restricted to the underlying content without any hints to external websites and others. THE WORLD SPIRIT contains of two different parts: 'A Seven-Level World View' and 'Studies of Economic Change'

Format: HTML-files, 411 pages

Part II 'Studies of Economic Change" consists of:

ebook: "The Limits of Growth thought to the End. Why we have to work less
by making mor money ('THE WORLD SPIRIT' Part 2)"

Content: With the support of nine economic analyses and scenarios a system of goals with conflicts of goals is deduced. This system is used to derive economic measures to solve the social problem. An example is the introduction of a basic income of 60% of the average wage. Finally you will find a calculation that the basic income can be financed by the public sector.

Format: PDF-file, 209 pages and 174 images

Placard: Derivation of the banal and absurd sounding thesis
"It is possible! Now: increase earnings & work less + 900€ free! How?"

Content: A PDF-file illustrates a placard with 5 degrees of complexity and 48 different analyses - with in toal 240 file cards - how a banal and absurd sounding theses (less work + more money + social security) can be proved. The original placard has already been presented in an exhibition in the Gallery Zeitzone in Berlin.

Format: PDF-file, 192 pages

Presentation: ppt-presentation of the "Studies of Economic Change"
resp. "The Limits of Growth thought to the End"

Content: The power point presentation is created for lectues. Without verbal description it is therefore a supplement or bonus to the ebook. The author is willing to present his work to institutions and organisations as referent. Please feel free to contact me for further informations. You will find my adress in the imprint.

Format: PPS-file, 119 foils

Audio books: Assumptions, demography, unemployment, worst case, wage spiral,
life cycle, labour demand, labour market, inequality, goals, measures

Content: He who prefers more comfort is recommendet to listen to the audio books. The main chapters of the ebook "The Limits of Growth thought to the End" are seperated into eleven small part with a lenght of about 6 minutes each. Several economic analyses lead to a system of goals wiht conflicts of goals from which economic measures are derived.

Format: MP3-file, 11 peaces lasting 65 minutes in total

Sonstige und weiterführende Materialien:

FTV-programm "THE WORLD SPIRIT" with its Seven-Level World View
as guest commentary at "Rainers Magazin" on "ALEX - offener Kanal Berlin"

Content: The author has had the opportunity to present his Seven-Level World View as a guest of 'Rainers Magazin - ein Magazin mit Wissensfaktor' produced by Rainer Rüssmann. This TV special was prodcasted from 'ALEX - offener Kanal Berlin'.

Format: unkown

Calculation: Evidence of the affordability of a basic income
of 60% of the average wage or 1.050 Euro monthly

Content: The calculation that the basic income of 60% of the averate wage can be financed by the public sector is based on an EXCEL-file as simulation model. The file includes the option of variations of the fundamental variables. Result: The basic income can be financed easily.

Format: EXCEL-file