Ralf Einert Consult     Social Analysis & World Views



Multimedia presentations of scientific knowledge

  • Interdisciplinary topics
    • Economic analysis: 'The Limit of Growth thought to the End'
    • World views: Interpretation of the verse 'For all to spring from nothing a oneness suffices' (Leibniz)
    • Social consequences: 'Topic of the Month' about actual events and news
  • Multi dimensional presentation and sensual experiences
    • One dimensional: Hearing (audio books). Seeing (ebooks). Seeing & hearing (prasentation).
    • Two dimensional: Seeing (pictures and website with several links).
    • Three dimensional: Seeing (animation 'The Voyage through the Universe'). Touching (placard with 5 levels of complexity)
  • Website der-weltgeist.de as internet platform
    • Internet plattform as an end in itself to present the work 'THE WORLD SPIRIT'
    • [Idea: Option for creative artists to use skyscrapers and banners (see ACTIONS)]
    • [Platform to purchase the CD-ROM - suspended because of lack of actuality (see ACTIONS)]