Ralf Einert Consult     Social Analysis & World Views



Social and economic studies and scenarios

  • Topics and content
    • Social analysis: Assumption, demography, unemployment, worst case, life cycle, wage spiral, labour market, inequality
    • Consequences: System of goals, derivation of measures, basic income, calculation of finances, evaluation
    • World views: Binary code, studies, science, system of science, history course, world spirit, universe
  • Transfer of the methods of the system analysis on social and company analyses
    • Steps of analyses: Assumptions, analysis, requirements, goal analysis, measures, calculation, evaluation
    • Applications: Company analysis, business development, scenarios of social developments
    • Options: Presentations, pictures and illustrations, animations, placard with file cards
  • Quantitative calculations with examples
    • Calculatios: Financing of the basic income (affordability)
    • Scenarios: Development of GDP, population, working hours, unemployment, and productivity
    • Sensitivity analysis: Determination of the impact of devations of key performance indicators on the performance of systems