Ralf Einert Consult     Services with focus on Controlling



business Planning:
[Project 10]
Adjustment of the forecast regarding P&L, balance sheet and cash flow to the consequences of the corona pandemic; improvement of the planning tool; coordination of the planning process including all companies and intercompany relations with LucaNet
Senior Lead Controller:
[Project 9]
Participation in the preparation of the monthly closing; preparation of forecasts and sales budgets; reporting of sales results und operations KPIs of the business unit; analysis of price volume mixes; improvement of analyses; transfer of the reports to the introduction of SAP
Due Diligence:
[Project 8]
Consulting of a startup concerning the internal adminstrative structures; simplifying and redisigning of the planning tool for the next 2 resp. 5 years; development of the reporting and controlling; analysis of anonymised customer databases
Financial Controlling:
[Project 7]
Calculating the operating results of profit center; analysis of transfer prices; cooperation with auditing companies and the global tax team; intercompany adjustments of receivables and liabilites of the worldwide partners; creating a country by country reporting system
[Project 6]
Reporting according to SOX; preparation of overviews as well as variance and margin analyses; monthly proof of the accounts; calculation of incentives and provisions for salespersons; creating a concept for the evaluation and further education of employees
Sales Controlling:
[Project 5]
Analyses of the income statement and derivation of measures; comparison of different calculation models; preparation of the data import of planning data into the ERP-System; creation of reporting tools for the management; analyses of financial data between the affiliates
[Project 4]
Support of the Director Finance & Controlling; assistance for the budget planning process; preparation of Powerpoint presentations for a board meeting; improvement of EXCEL files; adhoc analyses and internet recherches
Business Development:
[Project 3]
Audits of the franchisees; interviews with the management; SWOT-analysis; best practices; advice to improve the company performance; presentation on a meeting of the board of directors; evaluation in the principle of the balanced scorecard; market analysis; morphological analysis; proposal for management reports
[Project 2]
Creation of reports for business units and management; analysis of the business development; product calculations with diverse scenarios and the impact of KPIs; analysis about the break even point with ISO curves; planning and disposition of promotion commodities; proposals to improve the budget planning process
Project Controlling:
[Project 1]
Project controlling; monitoring the project progress; estimates of the foreseen total costs; proposals to improve the company results; support to create the annual report; analysis of the business development; participation of application to gain subsidies for electricity
Business Plans: Support of entrepeneurs by creating business plans with participation at business plan competitions; revision of the business plans to improve their concepts; advice of the entrepeneurs; assistance to create market analyses; P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow; return on investments
Financial Analyst:
[Employment 3]
Controlling; redisigning the reporting system; working out short, medium, and long term business plans; coordination of the sales and budget planning; development of an incentive system; sales controlling; involvement in the due diligence process; presentations on sales meetings; preparation of market analyses
[Employment 2]
Introduction of a new controlling system for the construction sites; plausibility check of the incoming and outgoing invoices; cost monitoring of projects; preparation of cost and subsidiary analyses; reporting to the managing director
Project Controller:
[Employment 1]
Reporting to the account manager; monitoring the project progress; contract controlling; preparation of down payments and invoices; documentation of the planning and production costs; intermediate between administration and technical departments