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Support of economic planning processes

Do you want certainty for your company planning?
You need comprehensive illustrations of your planning processes.
I offer you the possibility to improve predictions for the future development.

  • Short-, medium-, and long-term company planning
    • Considering of different time perios with the help of e. g. continuous planning
    • Updating forecasts by considering new facts and trends
  • Revenue, sales, budget, and investment planning
    • Planning of key performance indicators
    • Aggregation and consolidation of plans (P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow)
  • Top down and bottom up planning
    • Comparison of the top down management plans with the bottom up plans of the business units
    • Determination of deviations and coordination of different plans
  • Derivation of clear targets for business units
    • Derivation of key performance indicators from management plans
    • Support for the adoption of business plans
  • Performance review and target comparison
    • Preparation of company plans to compare actual figures with plan and history
    • Derivation of recommended actions by performance review and target comparison