Ralf Einert Consult     Services with focus on Controlling


multidisciplinary - system oriented - independend - solution oriented - sustainable - future oriented
for medium-sized companies and entrepeneurs


Do you want to improve your
market opportunities?

You need detailed analyses of
your business environment.

I offer you the possibility
to create transparency with the help
of the methods of the system analysis.

Analysis of markets and
social environment

Value analysis as evaluation procedure of making decision * model design for scenarios and forecasts of social and economic developments to select new businesses * market and sales analysis to set company goals


Do you want certainty for your
company planning?

You need comprehensive illustrations
of your planning processes.

I offer you the possibility
to improve predictions for
the future development.

Support of economic
planning processes

Short, medium, and long term company planning * sales, budget, and investment planning * top down and bottom up planning * deduction of goals for business units * best case and worst case scenarios * analysis of deviations from plan


Do you want a performance review
of your company targets?

You need a mirrow of your
entrepreneurial actions.

I offer you the possibility
to give advice concerning the introduction
of convincing controlling systems.

Realization of
controlling projects

Sales controlling * benefit packages * project controlling * creation of management reports with KPIs * analysis of the business development * break even analysis * SWOT analysis * benchmarks * balanced scorecard * special economic analysis